Our purpose

We provide ICT systems and their components at prices enabling maximum reductions in purchase costs by the end user. We provide both new and used IT equipment and, in the near future, a wide range of consumer electronics.

Area of ​​operation

  • Enterprise market

  • Carrier sector

  • Call – Center

  • Call Tariff Solutions

  • Call recording

  • Video conferencing

  • Building technologies

  • IT equipment

  • Monitoring system


Market activity - 9 years
Telecommunication and IT audits - 6 years
Technical service - 6 years
Refurbishing of IT Hardware - 2 years

Why us

We are able to advise you on how to optimize the efficiency of existing equipment, as well as guaranteed updates to the latest versions.

Widely adopted measures aimed at reducing the costs of purchasing ICT equipment elements, resulted in signing contracts with suppliers all over the world.


„If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to understand another person’s point of view and to see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.”
Henry Ford


  • Assessing our cooperation from the perspective of several years, we can conclude that the DG-Telecom S.C. company is competent, all orders are completed on time and the service is always friendly and available.

    TK Telekom Telekomunikacja kolejowa Spółka z o.o.
  • High quality services, orders delivered on time and a professional approach to the customer proves that this is a company worth recommending. With full responsibility we can recommend the company DG-Telecom S.C. as a reliable and solid partner.

    Klima – Jet Sp. z o.o.
  • Training in administration of the Avaya / Nortel Contact Center platform. 
    Special praise worthy way of teaching – the transfer of knowledge in an accessible way, to prepare a large number of practical exercises to increase knowledge acquisition by trainees and well-prepared training materials.

    Ikano Bank GmbH
  • We are very pleased with our collaboration and good quality of service in terms of sales and technical service. We recommend the company DG-Telecom as a professional and reliable partner in the whole range of services and products.

    Intelligent Technologies S.A.