The variety of air-conditioning systems available in the world today are an indispensable piece of equipment in industrial and manufacturing facilities as well as commercial and office space.
DG-Telecom S.C. offers one of the most popular and ecological air-conditioning solutions – evaporative air conditioning.

Worth knowing

Evaporative air conditioning is:

  • Natural – 100% fresh and clean air, healthy working conditions
  • Flexible – ideal for factories, workshops, manufacturing companies
  • Economic – consumes 90% less energy than traditional air conditioning
  • An eco – friendly environment

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How does it work?

  • The evaporative air conditioners are supplied with water from the plumbing or the inner tank
  • by using a circulation pump, which pass the water through the sprinklers cartridge cellulose large area, where the evaporation occurs (heat rejection during the evaporation of water)
  • while the fan sucks in the high-pressure air into the air conditioner
  • already cooled cold air is then discharged outside of the air conditioner