We are a company that deals with the design, delivery, assembly and maintenance of intelligent Indelec PREVEVTRON lightning protection systems (with the so-called early leader’s emission (ESE))

Indelec’s lightning protection systems are an innovative, preventive lightning protection solution that allows you to protect an indicated area against the effects of lightning, not just a given building, as in classic lightning protection systems. The Indelec system, operating in a given area, protects people, construction facilities, including technical infrastructure such as: technological process control systems, security systems and facility management (DATA CENTER, BMS, DSO, CCTV, SSWiN, KD, fire protection).

Worth knowing

  • Thanks to our experience, we provide professional advice throughout the entire investment process, from the presentation of the solution, through consultancy, to implementation.
  • Our lightning protection systems are:
  • • intelligent, high-quality solutions ensuring the highest level of safety during lightning;
  • • comprehensive solution in the field of design, delivery and assembly of ESE Indelec – PREVECTRON Lightning Protection Systems;
  • • professional consultancy in the field of ESE Lightning Protection Systems;
  • • extensive experience and references in the ESE Lightning Protection Installation and Systems industry

The high quality of the produced PREVECTRON INDELEC lightning protection heads is confirmed by the quality system implemented at INDELEC and the ISO9001: 2000 certificate.
All manufactured lightning protection heads are numbered and provided with quality certificates.

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