We can advise your organization how to optimize existing equipment to the maximum efficiency. Any equipment provided by us is guaranteed to be updated to the latest versions.

We provide a comprehensive service including, but not limited to, auditing, maintenance, repair and purchase of IT equipment.

Select the service for your business

Do you have a ICT equipment you don’t know what to do with? We can solve this problem. We will buy any equipment from you which your company is no longer using.

Telecom Audit

We offer our clients consulting services, expertise, economic – technical analysis, which will help you optimize the costs of services in the field of mobile and fixed telephony.

IT Audit

We offer advice, expertise, economic – technical analysis, that will optimize spending on IT services and their costs for Internet connections.

Within the services of the PBX equipment, we offer our customers post-warranty repairs of equipment, based on components from the following manufacturers.

Within the framework of PBX equipment maintenance services we offer our clients a full customer service in relation to IP PABX and PABX systems.

Our Technical Service Agreement provides our customers with a constant and professional level care for the entire IT infrastructure which ensures fast response times in emergency situations.