Weighing Railway Wagons in Motion

The system is designed for railways, mines, ports and other facilities where there is a need to determine the weight of goods loaded onto wagons.

How the system works.

In selected places by the tracks weighing station wagons are installed. The position consists of sensors and measuring – transmission systems. The sensors that measure the force of the wheels are fastened directly to the rails.

Signals from the sensors which are first pre-processed and then transmitted through the GSM network to the designated server. One server can collect data from multiple measurement stations.

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Monitoring the status of electric fences

Electric shepherds can be used to guard the free ranging herds of cows, horses or other animals, as well as protecting farmlands, for example against wild boars. The value of the protected possessions is often estimated at a dozen or even several hundred thousand polish zloty and shepherds work without constant supervision. E-Juhas controls the operation of the “shepherd”, allows remote insight into the condition of the fence and it will send an SMS alarm in case of failure.


A special sensor located beside the wire fence measures the strength of an electric field. In the case of field strength droping below threshold, e-Juhas sends a message to check the condition of earth or ground fault caused by the removal of vegetation.

E-Juhas is also equipped with sensors to detect remaining battery power, temperature and humidity. You can connect additional sensors such as: no water in the troughs, the opening of a gate, the pressure in pressure vessels or other relevant parameters.

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Laboratory monitoring in the ``Cloud``

The system is designed for tissue banks, breeding experiments and institutes where long-term research projects without permanent, twenty-four hour supervision and failures can be costly.

The iTelem monitoring system provides continuous control of the facility and immediate information about failures. The system solutions “work in the Cloud” and do not use the user’s IT network. The system is operated via a web browser.

The GSM terminal registers the parameters of the temperature sensors or other relevant processes, distributed over the facility. The system recognizes states of emergency and sends an SMS alarm. The results of measurements are sent to the iTelemetria portal.

Access to information is permitted via a browser or mobile phone. The results of measurements and alarm information are archived for five years.

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Monitoring of the iTelemetria server

Power failure, failure of air conditioning or flooding could damage the device or lead to loss of data. Immediate notification of the danger to the appropriate person can provide damage limitation associated with such losses and minimize repair costs.

The sensors arranged on the object transmit signals to the GSM Terminal, which in the case of danger immediately starts sending SMS alerts to selected recipients. This action is repeated until one of the notified people confirm acceptance of the failure. Information on the acceptance of the notification is sent to the entire group, as well as information about the signal returning to normal.

Air conditioning failure

Accordingly arranged sensors measuring the temperature and humidity provide information on the conditions under which the devices operate. When the signal value exceeds the threshold alarm, the system sends a notification. Using two temperature sensors, alarms can be graded and given a state of alert.


Installed in the right place flood sensors provide information when the water appears and the system immediately notifies the appropriate person. Quickly taken technical action can prevent serious losses and business disruption.

Power failure

The power failure detectors, supplied with a system, are designed for installation in a standard electrical socket. This allows you to control the voltage in a particular place of installation, for example in front of and behind the UPS. Ease of installation, combined with the ability to power control in many areas gives great flexibility.

Intruder and other incidents

A standard motion sensor can be connected to the terminal and get information about “hacking”. The GSM terminal can be used to transmit alerts from other operating facility monitoring systems. Using the built-in terminal relays can, in the event of an alarm, switch devices installed in the building such as a camcorder or an additional fan.

ITelemetria system – Specification